That’s not a typo, you read that correctly. “When Jesus say no, nobody can ‘say yes.’” You are more than likely familiar with the new Michelle Williams single “Say Yes,” based on the Nigerian “When Jesus Say Yes” song that seems to be a mini Destiny’s Child reunion. Sporting Queen Bey on verse two and the newlywed Kelly Rowland on the bridge, let’s not lie, many of us were happy to see the trio together again.

“Say Yes” is a catchy little church beat that we can all enjoy and that will likely be heard on Christian and secular radio as we’re driving down the street, at family barbecues, and even at the store whilst shopping. Yes, we like the song. Now down to brass tacks.

Would the real Michelle Williams please stand up?? One day Michelle Williams is singing for the Lord in her C.O.G.I.C. upbringing, the next day, she’s “testifying” how the Lord made a way for her to be the final member of Destiny’s Child singing “Bootylicious” and other unwholesome tunes. (Come again??) Then she drops a Gospel album, then an Inspirational album. Next she’s Aida and Mary Magdalene on Broadway, and now she’s back in the world of Gospel again. Is anyone else here as dizzy as I am with all the back-and-forth??

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